We offer complete restoration of your vintage/antique furniture.


We have created custom upholstery and interiors for vintage cars and hot rods for over 40 years, as well as repair, reconstruction and redesign for modern cars. We also make car covers and carport enclosures.


We can custom design and build furniture to suit your needs. We can recover your existing frames or design something unique to your house and surroundings.


We work with leather as well. We can cover your motorcycle saddle bags and just about anything else.


We can cover the whole boat or just the cockpit, bow well, dash, or cover whatever in a large variety of Sunbrella colors. Biminis built to your desired height and length, aluminum or stainless frames. Custom design upholstery, carpets, isenglass.


We offer custom embroidery work and can design and fabricate most anything you need.